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Annie Linda Kilpatrick 1,2 , Ketsomsouk Bouphavanh 3 , Sourideth Sengchanh 3 , Vannyda Namvongsa 3 & Amy Z. Gray (2019) Medical education in Lao People’s Democratic Republic: The challenges students face in accessing learning resources. The Asia Pacific Scholar

Hang S, Kowa T, Chongying P, Yiachao X, Boupha S, Menorath S, Mayxay M (2012) Feedbacks by the sixth year medical students (academic year 2010-2011) on the current teaching-learning of Faculty of Medicine, University of Health Sciences, Vientiane, Laos. Lao Medical Journal Apr 3, 32-40

Phouangsouvanh S, Rajphon A, Phothisane S, Briayee B, Maxay M (2011) Post-graduation expectations of final-years medical students. Lao Medical Journal 2, 27-32

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