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Dhawan S, Althaus T, Lubell Y, Suwancharoen D, Blacksell SD (2021) Evaluation of the Panbio Leptospira IgM ELISA among Outpatients Attending Primary Care in Southeast Asia. Am J Trop Med Hyg 104, 1777-1781

Blacksell SD, Lee S, Chanthongthip A, Taojaikong T, Thongpaseuth S, Hübscher T, Newton PN (2012) A comparison of the performance of serum and plasma in Panbio Dengue and Japanese encephalitis virus ELISAs. . American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 87, 573-575

Chang K, Chansamouth V, Phommasone K, Phongmany S, Keoluangkhot V, Phetsouvanh R, Newton PN (2011) Serological diagnosis for infectious diseases: not as easy as it appears. Lao Medical Journal 2, 54-59

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